Voyage Instruments: Carbon Fiber Acoustic Guitars

I still have some footage to check about the 2010 Musikmesse, so don’t be surprised to see it mentionned from time to time in a post. And here is one guitar innovation I saw there… As innovation in the guitar field is not that frequent I couldn’t resist to tell you about this one. Especially because it is about acoustic guitars. Voyage Instruments came at the Musikmesse to present 3 prototype guitars that caught my attention.

The specialty at Voyage Instruments also has something of a leap of faith: they started to produce acoustic guitars entirely made with carbon fiber.  It is not unusual to see that material used to make guitars, and a lot of naysayers say nay to that! Yet the French company Voyage Instruments chose that path, and they are collaborating with an engineer in the acoustic field to achiever their goal. Thanks to this Research & Development approach they have found the way to make a carbon fiber optimized for vibrations propagation.

Here is an interview of  Voyage Instruments CEO Gilbert Brussieux who tells us more about this great guitars. I’ll add subtitles to video as soon as possible.

Though I didn’t film my awesome acoustic guitar skills, I’ve spent some time trying the Voyage Instruments Folk model (W model as a tribute to Woody Guthrie). Often you will read that wooden body guitars have a warmer tone than non-wooden body guitars. Well, believe you me, this Voyage Instruments has a warm and open tone despite its carbon fiber body. The volume is more than decent, and it has a lot of dynamics i.e. it perfectly reacts to the way you strum the strings. It is very comfortable to play with, and I can’t wait to try one in better conditions than at the Musikmesse. My opinion is that Voyage Instruments could have find the recipe for a warm tone carbon fiber! And I am not even exagerating.

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