Guthman Competition: Completely Dingue Instruments!!

Even when you believe that a sector has gone around what could be invented or even imagined, there are always great inventors to push the boundaries… This is the subject of the Guthman Musical Instrument Competition held at the Georgia Tech Center For Music Technology, a competition for new musical instruments with $10,000 in prizes to be shared among the 25 finalists of this first edition of the competition.

Winner of this premiere, Jaime Oliver and his Silent Drums who leaves with $5,000. The principle is very surprising… With his fingers he will distort the “skin” of his Silent Drums which is filmed by a camera whose signal is then processed by software that transforms the shapes into sounds and all that in real time! An impressive invention!

And there are 24 others, each as delirious as the other… Like a giant sudoku transformed into a musical “game”, the Toob a kind of hybrid between a trumpet and a Talk-Box, or the Air Guitar Midi Controller which as the name suggests makes it possible to make Air Guitar but coming out of sounds … Crazy, isn’t it?

I feel that their next editions are likely to be even crazier… Geeks of all stripes, sharpen your inventions!! You can see all the inventions of this first competition on wired.

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