Stone Instruments: Musical Instruments and Ceramic

The use of ceramic to make musical instruments has an ancient origin… Maybe not as old as ceramic itself but still! The Arabian darbuka (goblet drum or chalice drum) is a wonderful example of such instruments though the modern production tends to use metal or wood instead of the fragile ceramic! Browsing through the guitarz blog I came across a ceramic bodied guitar!!

What a rich idea… The instrument is decorative and pretty original. In the following video you can hear it, and though I think it could be perfectible I think it has some potential to play some roots folk music.

You can watch the making-of video of this guitar on the guitarz blog to hear Gabe Turow explaining further some of his choices and concerns (as the neck fixation that is rather strange)

Gabe Turow who is behind Stone Instruments exclusively builds ceramic musical instruments:

Percussions as ceramic has some very interesting percussive properties: darbouka, djembe, bongo, udu.
Stringed instruments: guitar, banjo, ukulele.
Thumb pianos (kalimba)

All of this reminds that one day I’ll have to bring back my old darbuka from my folks home. That day my neighbors will have a fair reason to hate me…

If you want to know more: check the Stone Instruments website and the Stone Instruments Youtube Channel that is stuffed with a lot of videos of Gabe Turow’s creations. Here are some pictures of his ceramic instruments:

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