Custom Made Visual Pickguards by Didier Guyot-Viviane

Beyond the sound and usability, there is nothing that resembles more to a guitar than another guitar of the same series visually speaking. Many guitarists and bass players, openly or shamefully, personalize their instruments. Either they go for a drastic customization or discrete visual improvements… There are many possibilities for every taste, and any personality.

My friend Pentaminor recently introduced me to Didier Guyot Viviane, who is a furniture designer, but also is a graphic designer / guitarist for our matter of interest. A few years ago Didier had the idea to apply the photographic projection method that he uses on his furniture in order to make a custom pickguard for his Fender Stratocaster. After experimenting a lot, he ended up digging the formula to produce the best quality pickguards in terms of visual impact, strength and stability.

The photographic projection method? Despite repeated assaults and torture when we met at the Starbuck Coffee at Pigalle (yeah, next to the Moulin Rouge), Didier did not reveal any making-of secret. Nevertheless, here is the key concept to understand: it is a photographic printing on a resin in which the image is included instead of photo paper. The process is interesting because it ensures the sustainability of the visual that is not only the surface of the pickguard, but melted into the mass of the resin. Believe you me, I saw some models that he made and the visual aspect is superb!

Above all Didier is an artist so he mainly produced ultra-limited series of models (mostly Stratocaster, Telecaster, Jazz Bass and Precision Bass pickguards), but even more interesting Didier also works on unique designs demanded by his clients. The principle is simple and Didier offers several possibilities:

  • An image that you would like see on your guitar or bass pickguard? All you have to do is send him the image that he will edit for the best result on the pickguard.
  • You want to customize a pickguard but you don’t have any graphic designer skills? Didier can work this out for you to produce your unique pickguard. Believe me, his graphic creations are beautiful!
  • If your pickguard has an unusual shape or simply is a different model than those previously cited, well you will just have to send him the original pickguard to allow him to make an exact replica.

All the pickguards are ready for shielding and each copy is numbered and signed (on the back of the pickguard). The models from his catalog  cost 60 €. The unique pickguards made on demand cost 90 € , and a 2 weeks waiting to receive your custom pickguard.

Now the cool news of the day is that me and Didier we agreed to launch a giveaway with 2 pickguards to win on Muzicosphere:

  • One custom pickguard for guitar
  • One custom pickguard for bass

Later today Wednesday morning, I will publish 2 posts to explain how to participate and try to win one of these 2 custom pickguards made by Didier Guyot-Viviane.

Update: The game has started, and you can try to win either custom pickguard for guitar or a custom pickguard for bass.

Check out the pickguards website of Didier Guyot-Viviane if you want to see more of his creations.

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